Managing in the Next Society – Early Bird registration for the Global Peter Drucker Forum Vienna on November 18 and 19, 2010 is now open under the following link: http://www.druckersociety.at/registration.php

Following the tribute paid to Peter Drucker, the father of modern management at the centennial event in 2009 the 2010 Forum will focus on the future.

The current crisis is accentuating and accelerating the transformation of our societies and our economies. The 2010 Forum will deal with the new challenges seen from the vantage point of management and will address key questions such as

  • What will the next society be like? What does this mean for management?
  • How to unleash the latent productive and creative energies of people in organizations? Will Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and new media finally fulfil their promise to enable and empower management and workers?
  • Do we have the management capabilities in our institutions and organizations to achieve a step change in innovation and value creation? How to build the capacity in a more comprehensive and systemic way? What can we learn from the emerging economies?
  • How to manage deep transformation and change in our society without creating wide-spread disruption? Can our societies become more nimble and adaptive?
  • Given the daunting challenges ahead – do we need to reinvent the practice of management in business and non-business organizations and institutions? Or would we just have to apply the basic management principles that have been defined by Peter Drucker and others?
  • Is the current corporate model adequate for the 21st century? What are the alternatives?
  • The dialogue will be led by speakers from business, academia, non-profit and public sector. It will be practice focussed – leveraging insights from research and thought leadership. The line up of speakers includes Matthias Horx, Lynda Gratton, Julian Birkinshaw, Adrian Wooldridge, Peter Lorange and Andrew Keen. Please find the preliminary programme under the following link http://www.druckersociety.at/index.php/pdf-2010/program

    Who should attend?

    All those confronted with management challenges in their daily lives with a desire to look "beyond the fence" and to engage in a multi-stakeholder dialogue about the importance and role of management in the 21st century society.

    All those who want to participate in shaping the future of management – "The best way to predict the future is to create it" (Peter Drucker).

    A special invitation to the young generation – Essay Contest to win free participation

    In addition to experienced managers and executives from business, academia, public sector and non-profit institutions particular focus will be given to the young generation. Fifteen percent of the conference participants will qualify for participation based on an essay contest for young people – the Global Peter Drucker Challenge. You can find more information under the link http://www.druckerchallenge.org/

    The Forum will conclude with a call to action for 21st century management.