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How to achieve the Mission

The Peter Drucker Society will be a “Meeting Place” to facilitate the dialogue between the different stakeholder groups at an international level. This will happen in physical meetings such as informal gatherings, workshops and special interest groups and in virtual settings using online communication, collaboration and social networking tools as well as a combination of in person and virtual. As a fundamental tenet the Peter Drucker Society will support innovation in management with strong user involvement in the enquiry and research process.

Particular focus will be given to the linkage between management practitioners and academia, by involving research and education institutions who are committed to Peter Drucker. The Peter Drucker Society will encourage research.

The Peter Drucker Society will also be the “go to” place for resources related to Peter Drucker be it experts drawn from the global network or be it knowledge resources. The Peter Drucker Society will work with Publishers and online learning players to provide privileged access to members to Peter Drucker related online resources. The Peter Drucker Society will also gradually build a catalogue of “Drucker-courses” available to interested members and non-members. 

The Peter Drucker Society will be funded through membership contributions from institutions and individuals. For more information see "Get involved".

The Peter Drucker Society will act as an inclusive and open platform as well as a fair and independent broker for all those interested to engage. It will not be dominated by individual interests or institutions, be it commercial or non-commercial. It will work across all sectors – profit and nonprofit, public and social sectors, corporate and SMEs as well as individual professionals & knowledge workers.