6th Global Peter Drucker Forum 2014

Theme: The Great Transformation - Managing our Way to Prosperity
When: November 13 and 14, 2014


Conference Description


There is a broad consensus among economists that we enter 2014 into a period of limited economic recovery - even though it will by uneven by country and region and fraught with uncertainties.

A cyclical improvement of the global economy will provide an opportunity to address the huge structural issues that are still looming. They include: unsustainable debt levels, underfunded social security systems in the Western world, currency imbalances, increasing income inequalities, bloated and inefficient pubic administrations, and excessive short-termism in big business driven by a value destroying and outdated shareholder value philosophy.

With unemployment, and in particular, youth unemployment reaching historic dimensions, the idea of progress and continuous improvement of our living conditions is giving way to increasing future-angst.

On the other hand, there is hope that digital technologies will provide unprecedented opportunities for transforming everything - states, economies, businesses, and individual lives. These are the underlying generic technologies that spur the development of other fields such as biotech, nanotechnology, robotics, alternative energy, and new manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing. They have the potential to transform "old" industries as well as to create new ones. Yet the exponential development of ICTs is a double-edged sword. They could lead to a new industrial revolution by boosting innovation and creating new industries; or they might have a devastating effect on jobs and employment, if corporations continue to target productivity enhancements and cost cutting.


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